Rainbow Schools charity supports all vulnerable children, namely the disabled and orphaned in London and India.

Our focus is to provide an inclusive learning environment so that all children can aim high and achieve their full potential.

Our fully inclusive and integrated school will provide individualised learning where each child has their own specially tailored learning programme supported by caring professionals and excellent modern resources.

Our new school will incorporate innovative modern research based therapies, a holistic approach, eco friendly, with an onsite organic farm, fruit trees and open for all.

We will promote and work to protect vulnerable children, with a specific focus on the disabled and orphaned, so that they come to no harm.

We will promote and advocate for the full participation of vulnerable children in their communities so that they become a part of their local society.

Our Vision

A world where every child, regardless of ability, lives a happy, safe and fulfilled life

Help us to support vulnerable children in India


100% of donations go directly towards the Rainbow Schools project