Since 1999 the Founders of Rainbow Schools have visited centres in India which support disabled and orphaned children.

Some of the centres were well run and resourced, others were not good at all. Other than providing food, shelter and clothing they were not meeting the needs of many and instead of encouraging independence, were making them even more dependent.

Many lacked the necessary knowledge and skills that were needed to meet the needs of special needs children.

Most kept special needs children and adults away from society, many not seeing or knowing what was outside their four walls.

Not ONE had any integration or inclusive education.
Not ONE saw a need for a more HOLISTIC approach.

After 9 years of training teachers and parents, holding seminars, workshops, demonstrations on the use of key resources, it was clear that Northern India needed to see and experience what we in the West take for granted…
A HOLISTIC, INCLUSIVE and fully INTEGRATED way of supporting the most vulnerable people in society.

It was then the idea of a RAINBOW SCHOOL was born.

One which will empower, educate and enable all, including the wider community.
A shining example of what could be and to trailblazer a new way forward that includes rather than excludes vulnerable people.
One that will inspire politicians and society to WANT to change the established educational system so that all government schools could be modelled on the RAINBOW SCHOOL way.

Our Vision

A world where every child, regardless of ability, lives a happy, safe and fulfilled life

Our Mission

To create a safe space where we provide all children with educational, emotional, physical and mental support enabling them to reach their full potential

Our Principles

  1. We will promote and work to protect vulnerable children, with a specific focus on the disabled and orphaned, so that they come to no harm
  2. We will promote and advocate for the full participation of vulnerable children in their communities
  3. We will provide a learning environment so that all children can aim high and achieve their full potential
  4. We will use innovative therapies to provide support to children beyond typical educational methods
  5. We will be sustainable and have a positive carbon footprint


Arvinder Singh Paul and Sandeep Kaur Paul

The inspiration for Rainbow Schools was Arvinder and Sandeep’s special needs daughter, Gurleen.

Arvinder soon developed a passion for teaching after having children of his own. He became a teacher and taught in public schools in London (UK) where mainstream and special educational needs (SEN) children were taught together. He trained aspiring teachers in postgraduate teaching courses at the University of East London and at the School Centred Initial Teacher Training programmes.

Until recently, he was a Director at Redbridge Forum, which supports carers and young persons with special needs and/or disabilities in the London Borough of Redbridge, where he now lives.

Arvinder is a trustee of our charity and the managing director. He has established advisory boards for Punjab, Early Years specialists in the UK and is enthusiastic about further community involvement to raise awareness of the charity and its much needed work for vulnerable children.

Sandeep is Gurleen’s mother and carer and shares Arvinder’s passion for inclusive education.

Arvinder and Sandeep have visited India many times since settling in the UK and recognised a need for an inclusive environment for children in India that provides a safe space for those most vulnerable, namely the disables and orphaned. Today, we are working toward our vision:

A world where every child, regardless of ability, lives a happy, safe and fulfilled life.

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