The FIRST phase of Rainbow School Punjab will be to get the ground ready for planting borders, trees and paths, rainwater harvesting,

after which the school building and volunteer accommodations will be built.


The following are a revised (as of June 2022) list of our expected costs:

1. Boundary wall completion, front gate and security rooms – Rs 60 lacs (£60k or USD 76k)

(Rs 43 lacs have been already spent by our founders)  the rest has been SPONSORED

2. Ground works, paths and water harvesting – Rs 10 lacs (£10k or USD 13k)- NEED SPONSORS

3. Planting borders, shrubs and 550 fruit trees – Rs 5 lacs (£5k or USD 6.5k) – NEED SPONSORS

4. First phase SCHOOL building – Rs 90 lacs (£90k or USD115K)  – 30% SPONSORED, NEED SPONSORS

5. Volunteer accommodation – Rs 30 lacs (£30k or USD 38k) – NEED SPONSORS

6. Playgrounds and sensory gardens – Rs 10 lacs (£10k or USD 13k) – NEED SPONSORS

7. Solar power  – Rs 10 lacs (£10k or USD 13k) – NEED SPONSORS

8. Security cameras – Rs 5 lacs (£5k or USD 6.5k0 – NEED SPONSORS


We need fundraisers and donations to build this unique and very much needed school.

A room cost approximately Rs 5 lacs (£5k or USD 6.5k) and we are grateful to those who have already sponsored building of a room

in memory of a loved one.  This is a wonderful way of continuing the legacy and name of a dear member of ones family.

Their name and photo will be mounted on the top of the door of the room that has been sponsored in their name.


We give full assistance to all fundraisers, including advice on types of events and planning, literature and in personal attendance.

See our “GET INVOLVED” page for more ideas and how we can help you fundraise for Rainbow School.

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