Friends of Rainbow Schools

By becoming a friend of Rainbow Schools, you will be able to host events that raise awareness of the work of Rainbow Schools and raise money on behalf of the charity.

We will give you full support to get you started and will be with you all the way.

We are actively looking for energetic and committed people who are in different communities around the world.

Some of the countries and cities already showing interest are:

UK:     London, Derby, Peterborough, Oxford

USA:  New York

Australia: Sydney, Canberra

You may have lots of ideas and want to get started straight away but here are some of the ideas that have worked in the past…

A fun Bike Ride: get healthy and ride together – its so much fun, especially when you get the local community behind it too.

A leisurely 5k walk: or if you are feeling energetic make that 10k – jog or walk!

Bake Sales: practice your baking skills to raise funds and have fun too – who doesn’t love cupcakes?

Quick or Karaoke Night: show off your singing or general knowledge skills

Cultural Evening: where local artists perform their talent or sell their arts and crafts in aid of Rainbow Schools

Contact Us for more information on how you can become a Friend of Rainbow Schools today!

Support the most vulnerable in our society,namely disabled and orphaned children.


100% of donations go toward the Rainbow Schools project.