Sensory Integration

We had a tremendous response from the children, teachers, parents and the press of our SENSORY INTEGRATION input! The professionals were intrigued that we humans have 8 senses and not just the 5 that most know about.

A Powerpoint Presentation was given and is free to download from our “Resources” page!

Training in the use of the “PLAY PARACHUTE” was given to stimulate the core senses in a fun and therapeutic manner to most special needs children, however some children who suffer from “sensory overload”, especially children from the “Autism Spectrum of Disorders, known as ASD”, this is NOT appropriate. So knowledge of which therapy to use for which child is crucial. Play Parachutes donated in the UK were given out to all the centres that received training.

Vestibular and Proprioceptive senses with touch are THE FOUNDATION “CORE or PRIMARY senses” for ALL cognitive knowledge building. So our input to stimulate these were greatly appreciated as well as being FUN and enjoyed by all.

Here are what the press had to say!

Centres where we trained teachers and children were:

Amar Joyti – New Delhi

Pryaas – Chandigarh

Arshirdwaad – Ludhiana

A government run village school – Ludhiana District

Disha – Sarsa

Asha – Delhi Cant.

Maxwell Institute – Rohini New Delhi

Tecnia Institute – Rohini New Delhi