Foundation Stone Laying 3rd November 2019

HD9A0436Foundation stone Laying Sunday 3rd November 2019


With Waheguru ji’s blessings over 200 people took part and many came from far away places as , UK, Thailand, Lucknow, Delhi, Sarsa and all over Punjab.

Shamsher Singh Paul, father of Co-founder Arvinder, with his wife and Co-founder, Sandeep with their daughter Gurleen and S Kuljit Singh Nagra MLA Fathegarh Sahib laid the first foundation bricks followed by all visitors with salutaions of ‘Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”. The team of Rainbow School Punjab was present as MLA Nagra Sahib pledged full support not only from the local community but also the government of Punjab.

See his speech at:

Gurleen laying a foundation brick here:

Fundraising for the build will now start in earnest.

We are looking for fundraisers and kind donors. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this unique, eco, inclusive and innovative Rainbow School.



LAND For A Rainbow School BOUGHT

img_20170122_175223544_hdrAfter a long and diligent 5 year search for our Rainbow School in Punjab, we have finally bought a 2.5 acre plot on NH1 near Fatehgarh Sahib/Sirhind.

It is in the centre of 7 cities a short drive close by:

Sirhind 10 min

Rajpura 15 min

Ambala and Khanna 20 min

Patiala 30 min

Chandigarh 45 min

Ludhiana 60 min


Now in the process of planning the school and accommodation for orphans and widows and for volunteers.

It will feature a multi-purpose hall for activities, classrooms, residential rooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen.

Key features will be solar panels for electricity, water harvesting, solar cookers, organically grown fruit and vegetables.

We will be consulting with leading architects and planners to make this a model for future holistic and sustainable way to empower, educate and enable all.

Positive, negative… are we a BATTERY cell?

Positive, negative… are we a BATTERY cell?

Yesterday on Facebook I posted this profile…

You have two side, one Positive and the other Negative… be concious of which one you are choosing in any given moment. Both are life changing… practice choosing POSITIVE more often and see your life change for the better, literally INSTANTLY!

Inspiring thoughts…

Whenever we get an inspiring thought.. you know, the one that made you feel excited, glowing, and warm inside, know that it has come from a higher source.


Be ready for the next one, yearn for it, for it is is yearning for you to realise it into the physical world, not remain any longer as a thought, but be created into something real for all.

It is your opportunity… this is what life is all about… realising inspirational thoughts, creating new and wonderful things…slowly but surely becoming like the ultimate creator.

Visited special needs schools in Delhi, Punjab and Pingalwara

Visited special needs schools in Delhi, Punjab and Pingalwara, Amritsar to find out what was happenning on the ground and how we could assist.


Children with hearing imparement were fantastic. Full of life and energy, participated hungrily for the games we played and wanted more.
A lot is being done but more still needs to be done. It was not acceptable to see 2 ladies in charge of looking after 15+ children, severely disabled, many immobile and with profound multiple disabilities.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

We had a tremendous response from the children, teachers, parents and the press of our SENSORY INTEGRATION input! The professionals were intrigued that we humans have 8 senses and not just the 5 that most know about.

A Powerpoint Presentation was given and is free to download from our “Resources” page!

Training in the use of the “PLAY PARACHUTE” was given to stimulate the core senses in a fun and therapeutic manner to most special needs children, however some children who suffer from “sensory overload”, especially children from the “Autism Spectrum of Disorders, known as ASD”, this is NOT appropriate. So knowledge of which therapy to use for which child is crucial. Play Parachutes donated in the UK were given out to all the centres that received training.

Vestibular and Proprioceptive senses with touch are THE FOUNDATION “CORE or PRIMARY senses” for ALL cognitive knowledge building. So our input to stimulate these were greatly appreciated as well as being FUN and enjoyed by all.

Here are what the press had to say!

Centres where we trained teachers and children were:

Amar Joyti – New Delhi

Pryaas – Chandigarh

Arshirdwaad – Ludhiana

A government run village school – Ludhiana District

Disha – Sarsa

Asha – Delhi Cant.

Maxwell Institute – Rohini New Delhi

Tecnia Institute – Rohini New Delhi

Planning our next trip to India

Planning our next trip to India to support organisations working with disabled children in SENSORY INTEGRATION, in particular stimulating the vestibular and proprioception senses.

We are confirmed to attend the following:

Introduce Sensory Integration and use of the “play parachute” at AMAR JOYTI school in Delhi on Wed 15th October 2014. This school was featured on Indian TV in actor, Aamir Khan’s show, Satyamev Jayate.

To hold a conference and support session on Sensory Integration at PRYAAS, Chandigarh on Saturday and Sunday 18/19th October 2104 and Pryaas, Ludhiana on 21/22/23rd October 2014.

We will be training teachers and donating a “Play Parachute” to 20 schools/centres.

We have ordered 10 small and 10 large play parachutes from a manufacturer in Meerut, India

A small 12 ft play parachute is costing us £10 and a 24 ft one £25 each.

If you would like to donate a “Play Parachute” please use the “donate” button below.


East London Charity Bike Ride 2013

A HUGE THANK YOU to all riders on the East London Charity Bike Ride 2013 who raised funds for local charities. We received a cheque for £1,750 at Sikh Sangat Gurdwara at Harley Grove, Bow.

Supporting different centres in India

Chandigarh Parents Conference and training sessions

We were expecting about 40-50 parents but over 200 turned up and they were desparate for genuine clear advice and help. Even the Mayoress of Chandigarh she said she learnt a lot!

Play Parachute games at Mildmay Adult Centre, Ilford

Play Parachute games at Mildmay Adult Centre, Ilford

We had a really fun filled session at Mildmay Centre, Ilford on Thursday mornings in April when all the carers and disabled people joined in. The faces of the disabled adults lit up with excitement and their whole demeanour changed from placid boredom to smiles, shouts of laughter and clapping as they enjoyed the session. For many carers it was their first experience of using a play parachute for exercise, turn taking, collaborative skills and most of all FUN. They loved it even more than their disabled persons! We will be training the staff there again and we left our play parachute with them to use during the week.