Visited special needs schools in Delhi, Punjab and Pingalwara

Visited special needs schools in Delhi, Punjab and Pingalwara, Amritsar to find out what was happenning on the ground and how we could assist.


Children with hearing imparement were fantastic. Full of life and energy, participated hungrily for the games we played and wanted more.
A lot is being done but more still needs to be done. It was not acceptable to see 2 ladies in charge of looking after 15+ children, severely disabled, many immobile and with profound multiple disabilities.

Planning our next trip to India

Planning our next trip to India to support organisations working with disabled children in SENSORY INTEGRATION, in particular stimulating the vestibular and proprioception senses.

We are confirmed to attend the following:

Introduce Sensory Integration and use of the “play parachute” at AMAR JOYTI school in Delhi on Wed 15th October 2014. This school was featured on Indian TV in actor, Aamir Khan’s show, Satyamev Jayate.

To hold a conference and support session on Sensory Integration at PRYAAS, Chandigarh on Saturday and Sunday 18/19th October 2104 and Pryaas, Ludhiana on 21/22/23rd October 2014.

We will be training teachers and donating a “Play Parachute” to 20 schools/centres.

We have ordered 10 small and 10 large play parachutes from a manufacturer in Meerut, India

A small 12 ft play parachute is costing us £10 and a 24 ft one £25 each.

If you would like to donate a “Play Parachute” please use the “donate” button below.


East London Charity Bike Ride 2013

A HUGE THANK YOU to all riders on the East London Charity Bike Ride 2013 who raised funds for local charities. We received a cheque for £1,750 at Sikh Sangat Gurdwara at Harley Grove, Bow.

Supporting different centres in India

Chandigarh Parents Conference and training sessions

We were expecting about 40-50 parents but over 200 turned up and they were desparate for genuine clear advice and help. Even the Mayoress of Chandigarh she said she learnt a lot!

Rainbow Schools Charity Formed 2012

Rainbow Schools Charity Formed 2012

On 9th Oct 2012 I finally formed a company limited by guarantee for the charity to empower, educate and enable disabled and orphaned children in London and Northern India. :-)
A bank account has been set up and I have donated £200 to start the account.
Next step is to get a website started.
I am so excited!

Small Beginnings finally starting…

A dream being realised and coming true!
Very soon we will have our charity set up to raise awareness and funds for a special community, a Rainbow School in Punjab that will care for, educate and meet the needs of special needs children and orphans.

We have decided to begin this task NOW and raise awareness of the lack of services and care that this vulnerable group is subjected to. Even in orphanages, children are unclean, hair full of lice and unloved.
Gurleen, our special (needs) daughter has given us the inspiration to use the remainder of our lives for helping these children.
We will be going to India in October to look for support and meet other like minded people who are already in this field of work. Most importantly we will be looking for a suitable site for our community.
The vision for this community is:
A place where children can grow within a loving and caring environment that meets all their needs to live a full filling life to their full potential.
Join us to make this dream a reality.