A dream being realised and coming true!
Very soon we will have our charity set up to raise awareness and funds for a special community, a Rainbow School in Punjab that will care for, educate and meet the needs of special needs children and orphans.

We have decided to begin this task NOW and raise awareness of the lack of services and care that this vulnerable group is subjected to. Even in orphanages, children are unclean, hair full of lice and unloved.
Gurleen, our special (needs) daughter has given us the inspiration to use the remainder of our lives for helping these children.
We will be going to India in October to look for support and meet other like minded people who are already in this field of work. Most importantly we will be looking for a suitable site for our community.
The vision for this community is:
A place where children can grow within a loving and caring environment that meets all their needs to live a full filling life to their full potential.
Join us to make this dream a reality.