Positive, negative… are we a BATTERY cell?

Positive, negative… are we a BATTERY cell?

Yesterday on Facebook I posted this profile…

You have two side, one Positive and the other Negative… be concious of which one you are choosing in any given moment. Both are life changing… practice choosing POSITIVE more often and see your life change for the better, literally INSTANTLY!

Inspiring thoughts…

Whenever we get an inspiring thought.. you know, the one that made you feel excited, glowing, and warm inside, know that it has come from a higher source.


Be ready for the next one, yearn for it, for it is is yearning for you to realise it into the physical world, not remain any longer as a thought, but be created into something real for all.

It is your opportunity… this is what life is all about… realising inspirational thoughts, creating new and wonderful things…slowly but surely becoming like the ultimate creator.